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Recognized as one subject's ability to put himself about the deeper issues of the cosmos, to establish certain existential features of the human condition, without thereby clarifies Garden as well, the need for a real end. Existential Intelligence then is the capacity of the interesting species by the transcendental in fact even dare I emphasize that a major cognitive activities of early humans was to address these existential questions and much of the art, dance, myths and performances of these primitive men treated implicitly cosmic issues. 
Despite how attractive it may seem that understanding, yet does not appear as part of the group of intelligences proposed by Gardner because as he himself expresses, still keeping distance with the other intelligences, which gives him some embarrassment, why which the author of this theory prefers to see only far above the eight intelligences.
Multiple Intelligences of children
Everyone has a learning style that has been formed over the years to their ability to interact intelligences. Armstrong defines learning styles as pragmatic manifestations of intelligence acting in natural learning contexts.
A child shows preference for learning new things doing activities that will facilitate the assimilation of new information. The child that has high spatial ability to learn more easily through the images. Watching movies or videos, with three-dimensional construction materials, through graphics, etc, but that most linguistic potential and show preference efficiency in learning listening explanation, inventing a story or history, talking to other boys and girls on the subject, reading, doing a written summary, etc..
Following are brief concepts about the types of learning styles that often develop as children have marked tendencies toward one or another intelligence detailing. However, always keep in mind that most children have more developed skills in different areas of intelligence, especially in the early years, and we pretend to label them flee.
Children with high linguistic trend
Since babies use language to communicate, through the emission of sounds get the attention of adults. In the last quarter of the first year are in full phase and will soon outgrow to pass into phrases of two or more words, the vocabulary level is usually higher than their peers who are often associated with through verbal language.
Develop their thoughts through words
They like to listen to stories, memorize jingles, poems and lyrics, playing with words, talk about their experiences and, later, read and write. The preferred materials are related to reading and writing and recording stories. You can get your understanding through dialogue.
Children at gradinite iasi with high logical-mathematical trend
Babies are very observant, they soon begin to manipulate all sorts of objects and is absorbed in the task.
They explore their surroundings, investigate and experience new uses for things.
Quickly find out the functioning of toys and prefer complex to simple mechanisms.
Develop their thoughts through reflection and reasoning.
They like the world of numbers and quantities, puzzles, games of manipulation and observation, logic, memory, sorting, selecting, grouping and serialize.
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